Month: July 2018

Keto, Paleo and the growing popularity of carnivore diets

Although veganism has gained much popularity in the recent years, an opposite trend also began to have followers all over the world: more and more people focus their diets precisely on meat.

There are many carnivore diets that people swear by; however, none of them as talked about, by both supporters and adversaries, as much as Keto and Paleo. These two diets do have some similarities, but what differs them from each other is the core idea behind them. While Keto was mostly designed for fat loss, Paleo would be more accurately described as a lifestyle.

Considering its popularity, you most likely already know what the Keto diet is all about. It mostly revolves around eating large amounts of fat and protein, while keeping your carbs at the lowest possible level. After about a week, your body reaches Ketosis and starts burning fat for energy. However, you may not now that Keto wasn’t first designed for weight loss, it’s primary purpose was to treat seizures related to epilepsy.

Keto diet thus has both health and weight loss benefits. However, if you eat this way for a prolonged period of time, you are at risk of having some health issues, such as kidney stones and bone loss.

Paleo diet, on the other hand, can be your way of eating for life. As its name indicates, this diet was inspired by hunter-gatherers from the Paleolithic period. It mostly focuses on meat, eggs, cold-pressed fat such as olive and coconut oils, non-starchy vegetables and fruits. Basically, it eradicates anything that wasn’t a part of our hunter ancestors diet, including dairy products, refined sugar, and grains. Contrarily to the Keto diet, Paleo mostly concentrates on health benefits. Furthermore, it isn’t necessarily a high fat-low carb diet. Other than eating, Paleo followers are also encouraged to workout regularly, to further promote the health benefits.

Although Paleo is one of the most popular diets for the past few years, many criticise it for being too expensive. Also, as it requires a lifestyle change to some extent, some also find it to be overwhelming. In the end, although many people report that their health significantly improved when they started eating like hunter-gatherers, there is still not enough research that supports these claims. However, the creators of Paleo base their claims on the fact that this approach was inspired by a diet that our ancestors followed for more than 10 000 years.

The appeal of getting back to our ancestry became much more than just the diet. People started realizing how processed foods influence our health and overall quality of life. Furthermore, with all the talk about global warming, which is becoming more and more visible, the idea of starting appreciating nature started spreading fastly. Other than diet, this can also be seen in the raised popularity of organic farms, the revived reputation of natural health remedies and broad interest in alternative energy sources.

Even though both of these diets have their disadvantages, they are still a much better solution than diets based on processed food packed with refined sugars and additives. And while you are losing weight and feel more energetic and healthy, by choosing these diets, you will also promote a more natural, and environmentally friendly way of living. However, if the “caveman life” is too much for you, you could try incorporating just parts of these diets, such as eating more whole foods and keeping track of your macronutrients.