Anti-Terrorism Laws in Connecton With Civil Liberties

Civil liberties are human rights and freedom that is ensured to them by the law.Some civil liberties include freedom of speech, right to life,freedom of press,freedom of religion, freedom of torture, freedom of assembly,right to marry and many more just to mention a few.

While putting in place laws and measures to curb terrorism the government and the law enforcers find themselves in a hard situation to protect a certain human right without violating the other. This for instance occurs when the law guarantees freedom of speech and expression whereby a citizen can come out praising promoting the acts of terror which has left many people dead and destroyed properties and when interrogated by police and law enforcers he claims to have the right to speak and express himself.This ia wrong as it threatens the basic right to life.There should be a certain limit and regulations such that when it comes to sensitive issues like terrorism to how far the personal freedom should be expressed.In cases like this praising acts of terror may not be defined as freedom of speech and expression but it is pure radicalization.The media also finds it hard and a dilemma to air such cases of people praising terrorism. The law works very well when such rights are not recognized because radicalization causes many people especially young people to join terrorism as they tend to believe and are brainwashed very easily.

Some anti-terrorism laws tend to target a certain religion mostly Islam. While the constitution may guarantee the freedom of religion the anti-terrorism laws may be passed to monitor their actions in the mosques and their assemblies to make sure they don’t use these places to plan and promote terror. They maybe required to carry out their religious activities in open and a lot of interferences which may undermine their freedom of privacy there may be even laws prohibiting Muslims from practising their religion.Basically religion is not something easy to change and when the law makes it hard or nearly impossible to practice there maybe violence outbreaks and peopleay join terrorism to defend and continue with their religionThis is where the laws plays rough as not all Muslims are terrorists and the law in this case may not bear fruitful results to curb terror. Terrorists may identify themselves with a certain religion to justify their actions and be mistaken to be Muslims defending their religion to attract the innocent people to join them.

In conclusion there are some basic human rights that should be observed and while a state should ensure that her citizens enjoy civil liberties when it comes to terrorism there should be proper regulations as terrorists tend to violate and bring confusion to the law and people.So when a country is about to pass a bill of act banning and amending certain civil liberties there should considerations as to whether the said law will promote or curb terrorism. This is because violation of human rights can turn into a disaster.On the contrary there can be amendments that can bring progress in curbing acts of terror.