What is the next evolution for our specie

The talk of evolution has gone very serious in face of illuminating technologies and audacious scientific expeditions into the origin of life. Man is deserting the altar for the laboratory, forsaking belief for reason as questions are now been critically asked about the miles our species have trekked along the lanes of evolution. Have we reached the finishing line of evolution, or the race against extinction still continues?

So far there been defining signs that our species is not metabolically static yet, we are still evolving in a way, however not magnanimous the changes our species have been experiencing in tiny bits of evolution. For one, you can see more older persons are giving birth, even as at now, we are seeing a tilt officially confirmed by statistics which revealed that even in the UK, the average woman now tends to a her first baby by 29-29 years. Even in the US, some forty years back, only 1% of the first children were given birth to by a woman who has passed 35 years but fast forward to today, we see a gigantic leap in the same statistics as the percentage now is 15%. You can see mankind is changing. It makes someone thus curious of that lies beyond the horizon as we peep strenuously what lies beneath the cloak of tomorrow, into the future of human evolution.

One of the possible evolution for our species is increased human height. Scientists have come to the measurement that across the last 200 years, our species has been adding height. Most particularly, just in the last 150 years, our species has added an average height of 10cm. This is well possible and understandable. Global poverty and malnutrition has been better tackled as children are now accessing food better. This could spring an evolution as the increased diet the child has, the higher its chances of increased height. Thus with the years maturing into centuries, evolution may pull our species up enough even to the tree tops. Evolution will eventually prove how correct this is however.

Loss of Hair

Over the years through the trail of time, our species has been parting company with hairs. Previously many years back, man supposedly had a forest on his skin, a thick vegetation of hairs. Now the possibility that man would eventually get bald is fattening with the ticking clock. What more this evolution will not be completely biological, it could even be socially engineered too as the society is already getting appealed with hairy women, as being smooth skinned is getting more celebrated. All these put together could cook an evolution where we get too broke biologically to afford a sleeve of hairs on our skins, sliding gradually into baldness. This could be our evolution, the future of mankind.

Smaller Teeth

Lastly evolution could bring us to smaller teeth. So far we have seen that the wisdom teeth has commonly disappeared from among its tooth comrades in our mouth. Well it had become idle unemployed to a new man: no use. So far science has been pointing to our teeth getting smaller over the years. There are a bout of scientific proofs of late that showed that across the previous 1000,000 years, the human teeth has been reduced to half its original size! The reason could be our jaw getting smaller relieved of some heavy gnashing duties by technology. And it thus stands to even get smaller as time creeps on.

In all these, are some of the likely closest transit stations, man would alight at soonest from the train of evolution, only to jump aboard again and continue the journey of evolution. After all only change is constant!